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We preserve all that’s good

We preserve all that’s good

To preserve the natural goodness of our vegetables to the max, we keep the cycles between harvesting and freezing extremely short. So short, in fact, that their taste, texture, and nutritional value often exceed that of their “fresh” retail counterparts.


150-minute peas

Our peas are an excellent example of how you can offer your customers a ‘fresher than fresh’ promise through our extreme short cycles between harvesting and freezing. We freeze our peas maximally 150 minutes after they’re harvested at peak ripeness. This way they preserve their excellent fresh taste and no less than 92% of their vitamins. Delicious and wholesome!

We preserve all that’s good

Fresher than fresh retail vegetables

Once harvested, vegetables produce enzymes that break down their nutrients, and make them lose their taste and colour. Vegetables that are blanched and frozen immediately after harvesting, on the other hand, often preserve more of their deliciously fresh taste and nutritional value than veggies that endure cross-country transportation and a long period of storage before they reach your customers. To prove our point, this table shows you how our freshly frozen 150-minute peas weigh up against their retail counterparts sold as “fresh”:

We preserve all that’s good

Harvested and frozen at peak ripeness

We harvest our vegetables from the moment they reach peak ripeness with the greatest of care, within the quickest time possible. Our factories don’t even close during harvest season. GPS-steered harvesting enables our farmers to work around the clock, 7 days a week – even in complete darkness. What’s more is that 85% of our fields are located within 40 km from our production facilities, so we can freeze our veggies between two to four hours after harvesting to capture their ultimate field freshness.

IQF technology

Through Individual Quick Freezing or IQF at -35°C to -40°C we lock our vegetables in their farm-fresh state immediately after they’re harvested; preserving their excellent taste, colour and nutritional value to the max. This way you can present your customers all-natural veggies with maximum pure taste, but without artificial colouring or additives. IQF also allows us to freeze each individual piece ultra-rapidly and keeps the vegetables separate in their packaging. This means your customers can measure out the portion they need and put the rest back in the freezer until required again without having to thaw or defrost the whole batch. Super-convenient!