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The local wildlife, our key business partner

The local wildlife, our key business partner

More often than not, industry unknowingly scares off or even pushes away wildlife. We, on the other hand, embrace or even increase local wildlife by living together in symbiosis – and reap the numerous benefits of it!

Putting the bees on

To bring the decimated local and global honeybee numbers up, we’re pulling our weight and erected two beehives on the Hesbaye Frost site. The area is full of different flowers, giving the diligent black and yellow-striped workers their fair share of activity. In turn, as a way of saying thank you, the honeybees prove themselves great pollinators. And their honey is simply delicious!

The local wildlife, our key business partner
The local wildlife, our key business partner

Keeping warm during winter

The Hesbaye Frost site also has an insect hotel made entirely from natural materials to provide shelter to solitary bees and wasps, butterflies and ladybirds during winter. This also serves pollinating purposes, and ladybirds prove excellent natural pest removers. These beautiful little creatures viciously prey on aphids, mites, thrips, other small insects, and the eggs of moths and beetles, keeping our crops safe from the serious harm these can cause.

Tackling pests with a bird’s eye view

After gaining the proper advice from local ornithologists on how to realise it best, we have equipped the cold store of our Hesbaye Frost site in Belgium with a fabricated falcon’s nest in order to attract – you guessed it – falcons. They’re a natural resource to scare off pests and pigeons, which are known to cause grave destruction to crops, minimising the need for crop protection products.


The local wildlife, our key business partner

Sun-grown charm 

We’ve surrounded the fields of our Hesbaye Frost site with big, diversified flowerbeds for both their cosmetic and ecological wealth. The flowers offer our bees all the foraging and nectar they need, and spruce up the view with their abundance of colours.

The local wildlife, our key business partner