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Agronomy and precision agriculture

Agronomy and precision agriculture

Sustainability goes far beyond respecting your resources. It’s about applying sustainable resources viably and efficiently to generate maximum output, with minimum input and impact. To help us out with that, we rely on the expertise of our agronomists to implement precision agriculture in every aspect of our field to fork story. This allows us to keep our prices low, giving you and your customers a competitive lead in the market.

Precision agriculture

Through precision agriculture and phytogeomorphology we scientifically observe and measure the many different aspects of the variability in our crops and then design a site-specific crop management system around them to maximise the value of the resources we put into our seed, irrigation and fertilisation investments. It’s a first significant step in getting the very maximum out of our fields while reducing the environmental impact of our operations and without depleting our precious soils. The result: healthy, delicious vegetables with higher yields and lesser input needed.

GPS-steered seeding and harvesting

Through variable rate technology fitted on their GPS-steered agricultural vehicles both our own and cooperative farmers can sow and harvest their vegetables in a more precise way than ever before. Seedsmen can programme their seeders to plant precisely the right amount of seed in specific parts of their fields, as determined by the information received via crop yield monitors with regards to soil type, changing elevations or even yield history. This allows for 2-cm precise planting, granting each plant its necessary share of light and resources. This produces the biggest yields while lowering our needed amount of seeds and input costs.

What’s more, GPS steering also enables our farmers to work during low visibility field conditions such as rain, dust, fog or even darkness. A wonderful improvement for the continuity of our operations!

Did you know?

Our Hesbaye Frost site in Belgium grows 6,000 hectares of vegetables with the help of 500 local farmers.