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Know who grows

Know who grows

Great vegetables start with selecting fields, farmers and technical operatives that we can trust and completely rely on. That’s why we apply a number of thorough selection strategies to ensure that each new (human) resource is a real asset to our company – and to yours!

A dedicated team

One of our biggest assets is being able to rely on a close team of devoted men and women whose sole objective is to treat you and your customers to premium quality vegetables. From the field to the plate, they closely monitor every aspect of the growing process to ensure that our vegetables are of the highest quality.

Continuous growth in every aspect

In order to stay ahead of the continual changes regarding quality requirements and technical advancements, we have implemented a five-pronged field management system that enables our experienced field managers and technical staff to stay on top of their game, with:

  • Day-to-day seed and crop analysis
  • Strict field selection and field database maintenance
  • GMO-free policy
  • Minimal use of pesticides
  • Regular field testing to determine new crop types and predict futur harvests

Through on-going review of our processes and the continuous search to improve our products, we cater to our customers needs and are able to meet their constantly evolving requirements.