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Who we are and what we do

Who we are and what we do

We are a food company dedicated to vegetables. We partner up with farmers and growers all over the world to grow tasty and nutritious vegetables that thrive on native terroirs. Simply because we believe that good quality vegetables grow best if the plants feel at their best and benefit from natural resources: the soil, the climate and the environment.

Our philosophy:
Field Fresh Frozen Vegetables

After harvesting, we clean and prepare our veggies amidst the green fields they grown in. Simply because we are convinced that freshness, proximity and speed are the keys to the best quality frozen veggies in the world. That’s how our ’150-minute peas’ for instance – harvested, cleaned, prepared and frozen in under 150 minutes – delight consumers with their taste, bite and goodness. We call it our ‘Field Fresh Frozen Vegetables’ philosophy.

Who we are and what we do

The world is our garden

That philosophy explains why we operate 5 state-of-the-art vegetable processing units around the world:

  • Hesbayefrost (Geer, Belgium) where traditional vegetables are grown 
  • Monliz Portugal (Alpiarça, Portugal) where Mediterranean vegetables are grown 
  • Monliz Spain (Badajoz, Spain) where Mediterranean vegetables are grown and grilled or fried
  • Agram (Lublin, Poland) where traditional vegetables are grown
  • TriNature (Blaringhem, France) where traditional vegetables are grown (conventional and organic)

We also partner up with farmers and growers around the world – from Chili to China – to supply us with unique, specialty vegetables. These partners are selected with the utmost care, to guarantee that they apply the same care for taste, quality and sustainability. That’s how we strive for the unique high quality of our vegetables – even for crops grown in the remotest areas of the world.

All Crop's activities are monitored from the headquarter located in Ooigem, Belgium:

  • Crop's Headquarter (Ooigem, Belgium)

This is what we call our 'center of competence'. This is the place where all ideas become reality and recipes are assembled to be sent out into the world. 

Crop's also has several Sales offices to be able to offer the best services around the world:

  • Crop's Belgium (HQ)
  • Crop's UK
  • Crop's Germany
  • Crop's Poland
  • Crop's US
  • Crop's China
  • Crop's Japan

Spreading nature's best around the world

We hold our customers dear:

  • Retail
  • Food service
  • Wholesale
  • Food industry

We care for the needs of their customers: consumers all over the globe who expect to be inspired every day. That’s why we apply the most progressive standards in cultivation and farm-to-table traceability. And that’s why – in our kitchens – we are passionate fans of cuisines and cooking styles from around the world. They are our source of inspiration to come up with balanced, nutritious and tasty vegetable dishes that brighten up the days of thousands of households.

Your one-stop-shop for frozen vegetable ingredients and much more...

Crop's provides you all year round with freshly frozen vegetable ingredients and prepared vegetable meals. 

  • Vegetable ingredients
    Traditional vegetables, mediterranean vegetables, grilled en fried vegetables, rice, pasta, grains, specialty ingredients, ...
  • Prepared vegetable meals
    Seasoned/coated blends, vegetable bakes, steam vegetables and much more...

Co-creating your vegetable offering is our specialisation. Together with you and based on the definition of your customers’ needs, we can engineer an inspiring and functional menu of vegetable dishes that will differentiate your offering in the market. We grow, prepare, freeze and pack them according to your needs. We monitor the cultivation progress, sustainability standards, traceability and certification (organic, kosher or others) you hold dear. Count on us to turn your vegetables category into a thriving and inspiring business. We are your One-stop-shop for all your frozen vegetable needs!

Our dedicated teams host the most diverse specialists

If farming, growing, caring and preparing are our core activities, then that’s only possible through our teams of passionate people in the most diverse fields of expertise. Count on our agronomists, nutritionists, researchers & developers, market experts, trend watchers and chefs to bring great vegetable dishes to the tables of your customers. Want to get in touch with one of our experts, click here