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Quality from farm to table

Quality from farm to table

At Crop’s we watch over every step of the farm to table journey. From farming to processing and from packing to shipping our vegetables. We apply the highest standards in quality assurance to guarantee the traceability of each of our ingredients, their taste and nutritional qualities, and the food safety throughout our chain.

Quality is key

As a responsible company working in the frozen vegetable industry on a worldwide basis, quality is very important to us.

Our dedicated quality team ensures the daily operations according to the detailed Crop’s quality system, certified with the BRC standard (version 6, grade A+) and the IFS standard (version 6, higher level). We are also CERTISYS (BE-BIO-01) certified for the production and distribution of organic products.

Quality from farm to table

Full traceability, right up to your customer’s fork

Consumers want to know where their food comes from. But for many fresh vegetables sold at small retail shops, the source of where they come from is often unknown – both to the retailer as to the customer. That’s where our vegetables make the difference.

95% of our vegetable offering comes straight from our own farmers or is bought directly from farming cooperatives we have been working together with for numerous years. And since we wash, blanch, freeze, pack and ship our vegetables ourselves in our own production facilities, we are able to keep track of their whole story, guaranteeing full traceability right up to the field, the farm or the farmer who grew them.


Closely monitoring our sourcing activities

All ingredients are purchased from integrated sister companies or from approved (partnership) suppliers. All incoming goods are checked against detailed specifications and according to a control plan. The control parameters and their frequency (physical, organoleptic, bacteriological and chemical, including contaminants such as pesticide residues) are based on historical experience, origin, product type, specific risks, (international) alerts, etc.

In our production facility, we apply a detailed control plan, based on GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points).

The certification your customers may care about


Organic is the definition of high-quality, pure and healthy vegetables, grown according to organic agricultural methods – respecting man and the environment. Crop’s offers you a wide range of vegetables that are organic certified.

Our quality team ensures and monitors that our partnering farmers apply the most progressive methods to provide you with the best nature can give us.


Crop’s also offers a range of kosher vegetables.

Get in touch with our local sales office to explore all the certification possibilities and find a perfect match with your needs.